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Executive Summary ...

on Sat Mar 10, 2018 9:10 pm
This is a compact summary that might reasonably be read by directors in advance of a board meeting.

Make sure that conclusions and recommendations are cross referenced with material from the supporting chapters and appendices.  The Executive Summary (ES) is the FIRST part of the proposal read by anybody. It is NOT a listing of chapters or a narrative of the agenda. It is the true summarized “elevator pitch” of your written report.

One typically writes it last, and it is iterated and edited scrupulously. The ES is evaluated separately in the sub-components of the score because of its relative importance. Imagine if someone does not have time to read the full report; this person should be able to enter the jury after reading only the ES and be aware of what it is you are “selling” in terms of concept and financials, and for what type of return.

Maximum length: one page
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